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About Designer

Volodymyr Lashko is a self-taught artist in wood. His work is inspired by natural forms and elements, their beauty, and imperfection. Sleek, clean, and imperfect, harmoniously integrated into an overall piece of art, embracing how things really are in nature. The wood, that he uses have been weathered by time and nature’s elements, giving endless changes of colours, shadows, patterns and textures, offering unlimited design inspiration.

Volodymyr’s work is very personal and reflects his deeper feelings about mysteries of life. It also reflects his own growth and transformation as an artist. His versatility, both as an artist and as a craftsman in wood, allows him to create original works, from bespoke furniture to unique art pieces.

Volodar Wood Art studio is located in Carrigaline, Cork, Ireland

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My name is Volodymyr Lashko, but people call me Volodar.
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